Alluvial Gold Mining Machine For Sale

Alluvial Gold Mining Machine For Sale

Technical advantages of Alluvial Gold Mining Machines


1. The whole machine of Alluvial Gold Mining Machine is composed of main engine, fan, analyzer, dust collector and dust collector. The components are compact and have a reasonable layout. The outstanding features are convenient operation, safe use, good sealing and low noise.

2, a variety of models of crushing cavity, flexible application, adaptability

The Alluvial Gold Mining Machine only needs to replace the fixed cone liner and the fixed ring gear liner. The crushing cavity shape can be arbitrarily changed from the standard super-thick cavity type to the short-head ultra-fine cavity type. The other machine has a fineness analyzer and the analyzer. After the bolts on the upper part are loosened, the fineness of the upward movement is lowered, the fineness of the downward movement is increased, and the fineness required is adjusted, and the bolt can be fixed. Adapt to a wide range of product particle size requirements.

3, less consumables consumption, low operating costs

The structure is reasonable, the pulverization principle and technical parameters are advanced, the operation is reliable, and the running cost is low; all parts of the pulverizer are wear-resistant, and the maintenance cost is reduced to a low limit, and the general service life can be increased by more than 30%.

4. The air conditioner is installed on the internal machine, which can adjust the air volume, the air volume is small and the fineness is small, and the air volume is finely adjusted to the ideal fineness to be continuously produced. Fineness: 30-400 mesh can be adjusted arbitrarily. The yield and fineness vary according to the specific gravity of the material. The main machine motor can be large or small, depending on the material fineness output.

5. The new Alluvial Gold Mining Machine can provide higher production capacity, better product fineness, and easy automatic control. It has great reliability and flexibility, and truly creates more value for users.

6. Large crushing ratio and high production efficiency

Combining higher speeds with strokes, the new Alluvial Gold Mining Machine’s power rating and throughput are greatly enhanced, increasing crushing ratio and productivity.

7. The alloy tool wears sharp, reliable and advanced, and improves the service life.

The unique comminution system design greatly improves the service life of the Alluvial Gold Mining Machine. The crushing chamber adopts multi-stage crushing process and fine crushing principle device, which is characterized by large working impact force, high production efficiency and strong crushing ability.

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