Ball Mill For Gold Ore

Ball Mill For Gold Ore

Gold Ore Ball Mill application range

Gold Ore Ball Mill is suitable for grinding, in the mining, metallurgy, building materials, energy, chemical, refractory materials and other industries, the Mo-type hardness is below 8 grade, and the fineness of the finished product is within -400 mesh. During the grinding process, hot air can be used to dry the material, which can be used for explosion-proof treatment. Such as raw coal, cement raw materials, gypsum, manganese ore, phosphate rock, water slag, kaolin, bentonite, slag, pyrophyllite, bauxite, pyrite, zinc oxide, sinter, chemical raw materials and other materials.

Gold Ore Ball Mill working principle

The main working parts of the Gold Ore Ball Mill are grinding disc and grinding roller. The motor reducer belt drives the grinding disc to rotate. The material falls from the feeding port into the center of the grinding disc. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves to the edge of the grinding disc and passes through the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding disc. The place was crushed and crushed. Normal temperature or hot air enters the inside of the Gold Ore Ball Mill from the air inlet under the action of the induced draft fan, and the pulverized material is brought up to the rotating separator in the upper part of the Gold Ore Ball Mill, and the powder with the fineness is required to follow the wind. Drill through the separator and collect it through the tail dust collector. Some of the material that is brought up by the wind or blocked by the separator blades is reground in the mill until it is qualified for grinding.

Gold Ore Ball Mill advantage

1. The roller is in the shape of a tire, which greatly reduces the sliding wear and prolongs the service life. Grinding rolls and wear-resistant linings are made of high-chromium and high-alloy steel. The crystal phase structure is a hard phase with high wear-resistant carbide (WC, TiC, etc.) on the martensite body, in addition to containing more than 20% Cr. There are precious alloy elements such as W, V, Ti, Mo, Mn, Cu, etc., which make the life of wear parts longer.

2, the roller adopts special pressure mode, the pressure is adjustable, the impact force is relieved in time, and the limit device is provided, which can effectively prevent the direct contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc, and can avoid the strong occurrence of the Gold Ore Ball Mill under abnormal conditions such as breaking of material. Vibration, reducing wear on the grinding body.

3, the use of thin oil circulation lubrication, greatly improving the bearing life cycle and machine operating rate.

4. The grinding roller bearing seal and the external gas passage of the grinding machine are not affected by the dust inside the grinding machine. Therefore, it is not necessary to configure a sealing fan, which can reduce the oxygen content in the grinding machine and the energy consumption of the sealing fan.

5, according to the special needs of customers, cancel the slag scraping board, increase reliability and save power consumption.

6, using a two-roll structure. The grinding space is large, and the grinding roller can be replaced or repaired by the hydraulic device, and the maintenance is convenient.

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