Ball Ore Milling Equipment For Sale

Ball Ore Milling Equipment For Sale

Ball Ore Milling Equipment Bearing Temperature Is Too High

Bearing bush is a key component of the Ball Ore Milling Equipment, the temperature is too high lead to performance disorders, in general, the following conditions:

1, The Gap Between The Raw Material Into The End Of The Hollow Shaft Clearance

Abrasive required In Ball Ore Milling Equipment, about 90% of the power will be converted into heat, together with the temperature of the abrasive itself, both together lead to thermal deformation of the drum in the axial direction, resulting in thermal expansion and downtime Cold shrink phenomenon. These factors are likely to cause the bearing pad to be heated by the axial force. Based on this, the installation needs to be considered as a whole, the amount of expansion should be controlled reasonably, and it can not be too large or too small.

2, The Lack Of Scraping Precision Bearings

Smelting mill Ball Ore Milling Equipment, its hollow shaft bearing scraping the scope of the need to follow the actual production requirements, control the contact angle is less than 35 °. Its two sides also need to scratch the gap, contact the spot distribution along the bus length equal width, uniform distribution, can not have too much imbalance, the spacing of the spots also have the corresponding data requirements.

There is a sump in contact with the wrapper, but it should be noted that this sump can not be shaved off.

3, The Correct Choice And Use Of Lubricants

Lubricating oil is essential for the normal operation of the bearing bush. Therefore, as far as possible in accordance with the actual requirements of the manufacturer to choose the right, high-quality lubricants, and ensure that they can meet the actual production requirements. Through the actual summary of most of the mining production point of view, most of the lubricating oil taken Ball Ore Milling Equipment bearing according to their own actual conditions to a comprehensive analysis to determine.

4, Poor Connection Between The Spherical Tile And Spherical Seat

Unlike other structures, spherical tiles have the function of automatically adjusting both the concentricity of the hollow shaft and the bush. In general, after the spherical seat and the spherical tile are assembled, a consistent and uniform distribution is ensured for the distribution of contact spots, and the spacing is properly set.

If the contact between the spherical back and the shoe seat is not very good, it will directly lead to the contact of the small area of ​​the hollow face and the hollow bearing, the load variable of the static load will be larger, and the local High temperature conditions.

In order to avoid this situation, during the installation process, spherical spherical outer spherical surface should be repeated grinding, scraping repair, which is to ensure that the outer spherical surface is not smooth, but also in the concave spherical surface of the base play a flexible Turn the role, and thus effectively play the role of self-aligning, it will also be able to ensure that the spherical ball and spherical seat between the tight and reasonable.

5, Sealed

In the conventional Ball Ore Milling Equipment construction, the main bearing was sealed with a fine wool felt ring and was easily worn, and the dust particles would enter into the main bearing after the occurrence of wear cracks between the felt and the hollow shaft Easily lead to wear abrasive ball bearings and oil blocked.

Therefore, to promptly check the wear and tear seals, if the degree of serious need to be replaced replacement, many manufacturers have also been based on this optimization and optimization, in order to make the oil will not leak, its main bearing to be used The most advanced piston seal.

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