Barite Processing Plants In Nigeria

Barite Processing Plants In Nigeria

Factors affecting the output of Barite Processing Machines

The function of the Barite Processing Machine retaining ring is to allow the material to be fully milled on the grinding disc. If the retaining ring is worn or dropped, the thickness of the layer will be reduced, the vibration of the Barite Processing Machine will become larger, and the coarse powder will not be fully ground and the grinding disc will be pulled out under the action of centrifugal force, which will increase the amount of returning and grinding. The total amount has also increased, which can only reduce the output of the Barite Processing Machine, and the vibration is large, and it is easy to jump and affect the operation of the Barite Processing Machine. Therefore, it is necessary to check the retaining ring regularly and find out the problem in time.

1. The influence of the wear of the nozzle ring on the output of the Barite Processing Machine

The main function of the Barite Processing Machine nozzle ring is to change the wind direction through the guide vanes to ensure that the airflow is spiraled upwards and the material is taken away. If the spout ring is worn or partially worn, the airflow will be disordered, and a stable swirling upward airflow will not be formed, and the wind speed will also be reduced. The material cannot be taken away in time, returning to the grinding disc or the bottom scraping chamber of the nozzle ring, & rsquo; increase the cycle The amount affects the output of Barite Processing Machines.

2. Influence of hydraulic system pressure on the output of Barite Processing Machine

In general, the milling pressure is proportional to the yield, and the greater the milling pressure, the higher the yield. The Barite Processing Machine adopts a two-way hydraulic cylinder, which can lift the grinding roller before starting, and open the empty car without auxiliary transmission. After feeding a certain amount of material, after reaching a certain layer of material, the grinding roller is pressed, the hydraulic cylinder is pressed in the other direction, the grinding is started, the grinding pressure is adjusted to the upper limit, and the pressure is guaranteed to be as large as possible. Grinding effect. Hydraulic system pressure leakage is difficult to maintain pressure, hydraulic cylinder damage, nitrogen pressure imbalance, etc. will affect the grinding conditions, which should be dealt with in a timely manner.

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