Basalt Gravel Sand Making Machine

Basalt Gravel Sand Making Machine

How to replace the Basalt Gravel Sand Making Machine liner?


The lining is one of the main components of the Basalt Gravel Sand Making Machine and plays an important role in the operation. Since the Basalt Gravel Sand Making Machine often works under heavy load, which speeds up the wear of the liner, and the liner wears out and needs to be replaced, how to replace the Basalt Gravel Sand Making Machine liner?

1. First, power off, so that the main switch is turned off.

2. After the power is turned off, hang the warning sign in the conspicuous position.

3. Start the replacement. Firstly, the lubrication pump is subjected to pressure relief treatment, the ore belt pull rope switch is pulled, the belt head pumice is cleaned, the lower mouth cover is removed, the cauldron, the cover plate, the fixed cone dust cover, etc. Four big pieces. During the lifting process, the crane must be directed by a special person and strictly abide by the lifting operation rules.

4. If the old liner can’t be taken down, it can be cut by gas welding and the inner surface of the rack can be cleaned. The newly cast concrete on the back of the lining is made of cement No. 500-600 and sand, and the ratio is 1:3 by weight.

5. After the upper liner is installed, the compression nut should be installed first, and then the zinc alloy should be cast. Before casting, the cone and the lining plate are preheated at 60-80 °C. The gap between the joints of the lining plate should be covered with asbestos and clay to prevent the zinc alloy from leaking out of the lining plate and casting the alloy. Then install the compression nut and the locking plate. To make it tightly fixed.

6. After all operations are completed, the machine will be disconnected for trial operation.

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