Business Plan For Solid Mineral Mining

Business Plan For Solid Mineral Mining

Solid Mineral Mining machine commissioning

  • 1. The dust cover of the Solid Mineral Mining machine big gear must be tight to prevent dust and sand from entering.
  • 2. If it is found that the large gear and the main bearing may or have invaded the sediment, it should be immediately stopped and cleared, and no delay is allowed.
  • 3. The Solid Mineral Mining machine has a large tile heat. When a burnt tile accident occurs or is close to the burnt tile, the forced cooling measures should be taken immediately, and the parking should not be stopped immediately to prevent a vicious accident caused by “holding the axis”.
  • 4, strict implementation of the provisions of the mine, water supply, adding steel balls, prohibit overload operation, pay attention to prevent the occurrence of “up belly” phenomenon, while the amount of minerals must not be too small. It is not allowed to run at an empty load to avoid damaging the lining.
  • 5, fixed Solid Mineral Mining machine liner screws should be sealed with a ring to prevent water leakage, leakage.
  • 6. The gap between the lining plates is 10-20mm for replacement (it can be cut by oxygen welding when it is too tight).
  • 7. The continuous start of the Solid Mineral Mining machine shall not exceed two times, and the second and second times shall be separated by more than 5 minutes. The third start must be checked by an electrician or a fitter before starting.
  • 8. When several Solid Mineral Mining machines are installed in the same workshop, you must not start two at the same time.

Equipment inspection before operation

  • 1. Check if there is enough oil in the fuel tank, whether the oil quality meets the requirements, and whether the oil filter is clean.
  • 2. Try to open the oil pump, check the oil pump and pipeline for oil leakage and faults, and whether the oil circuit of each lubrication point is unobstructed.
  • 3. Whether the oil pressure is between 0.5-1.2kg/cm2.
  • 4. Whether the joint screws of each part are loose.
  • 5. Whether the gears and couplings are loose or not, and whether the elastic coupling rubber rings are worn seriously.
  • 6. Lubrication of the transmission gear surface, whether there is mineral sand or other foreign matter entering.
  • 7. Whether there is any obstacle to the wear of the ore feeder and the feeding box (large spoon and large spoon), if any, remove it.
  • 8. Check the contact of the electric carbon brush.
  • 9. Check if there is any foreign matter between the stator and rotor of the motor.
  • 10. Check the grounding and insulation of the motor and other parts.
  • 11. Check if the ammeter pointer is at zero.

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