Buyers For Bentonite Powder Equipment

Buyers For Bentonite Powder Equipment

Bentonite Powder Equipment installation

In view of the above analysis, in the Bentonite Powder Equipment installation process, Dad should strengthen the following aspects of installation quality control, and take certain measures to prevent leakage.

1. Sealing installation of the base: Before installation, the seal of the base should be disassembled, the fixing bolts should be removed, and the installation of the carbon crystal sealing ring should be polished and then coated with powdered molybdenum disulfide to ensure that the carbon crystal sealing ring can flex freely in the sealing groove. At the same time, adopting the method of “percent dial positioning” and “segment welding, avoiding heat concentration” to ensure the concentricity of the drive disc and the seat seal, so that the seal gap is more uniform, reducing the seat seal and the drive disc. Capricorn or powder leakage.

2. Pull rod sealing installation: Apply molybdenum disulfide grease between the movable ring of the sealing body and the fixing ring before installation to ensure sufficient lubrication and reduce the friction between the movable ring and the fixing ring.

3. Installation of access door and access door: Open all inspection doors and access doors to check the sealing packing, resolutely replace the worn packing, aging and non-standard sealing packing of the supplier, and install at the packing joint. Fire-resistant asbestos cloth, after the sealant is applied, the inspection door and the inlet door are sealed.

4. Flange installation: Before the installation of the Bentonite Powder Equipment separator, the flange surface of the joint of the Bentonite Powder Equipment casing and the separator should be polished to remove the solder joints and the excessive weld seam to ensure the flange surface. Flatness.

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