Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine

modification methods of Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine

The Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine has strict requirements on the feed flow rate. If the feed flow rate is too large, the equipment will be overloaded and stopped, and even the electrical components or the motor will be burned out. The feed flow rate is too small, and the material cannot be fully accumulated in the press roll extrusion area. Further, a high pressure chamber cannot be formed, so that the material cannot be effectively extruded. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of feed of the Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine. In the grinding process of the roller mill, the silo blocking is a common fault, the cause of the fault, and the corresponding modification method are as follows.

Reasons for the breakage of the Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine silo: The material in the silo is easy to form a natural balance of the arch, especially the fine granular material with viscous material and the powdery material with poor fluidity, due to the influence of moisture, temperature and other factors. The material is tightly bonded and kept in a static state; the material is separated due to different particle size or density, segregation occurs, and a material arch is formed.

Fine-grained minerals first adhere to the corners to form deposits, which gradually accumulate into arches; the materials adhere to the wall of the Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine, becoming an increasingly thicker material wall, thereby reducing the effective volume of the silo and reducing the volume. Export area. The silo is full of minerals, leaving only one pass through the “rat hole” channel.

Modification method: According to the site conditions, two Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine transformation schemes are proposed:

1. Option 1: Change the square-shaped silo to a round-shaped silo, and attach a Teflon liner to the inside of the silo. The solution does not form an angle of accumulation in the structure, and the Teflon liner on the inside of the silo can reduce the friction coefficient, thereby improving the feeding condition and increasing the storage capacity of the silo, but still relying on gravity to give material.

2. Option 2: Active feeding by means of mechanical vibration, and PTFE liner on the inner wall of the silo. Under the vibration of the vibration motor, it is difficult to accumulate at the angle, avoiding the formation of the arch, improving the feeding condition, increasing the storage space of the silo, and making the silo truly buffer storage; at the same time, the vibrating motor is reliable and durable. , low maintenance, high production efficiency, easy to automate management.

After the transformation of the Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine, the working condition of the feeding system is effectively improved, and the grinding efficiency of the Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine is improved.

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