Cement Manufacturing Plant For Sale

Cement Manufacturing Plant For Sale

Cement Manufacturing Machine operation precautions

The Cement Manufacturing Machine looks like a steel container erected from the outside, with air inlet and outlet, and a feed port in the middle. For different materials, different fineness, different output requirements, etc., it is divided into high-pressure Cement Manufacturing Machine, strong pressure suspension roller Cement Manufacturing Machine, and ordinary Cement Manufacturing Machine three series of more than ten models. Is the Cement Manufacturing Machine powder machine easy to maintain and easy to operate when in use? Shanghai Shibang Machine Cement Manufacturing Machine Manufacturers Tips:

1. When using the Cement Manufacturing Machine, the equipment maintenance safety operation system should be established to enable the Cement Manufacturing Machine powder machine to operate safely for a long time. At the same time, it is necessary to equip the necessary maintenance tools and grease and corresponding accessories to prevent. The Cement Manufacturing Machine is not working properly due to damage to the accessories.

2. After using the Cement Manufacturing Machine for a period of time, it should be repaired in time. At the same time, the wear parts such as the grinding roller and the blade should be repaired and replaced according to the law. The connecting roller should be used before and after the grinding roller device. Check carefully to see if there is any looseness and if the lubricant is sufficient.

3, fineness adjustment, according to the size of the material, water content, specific gravity, soft and hard, processing fineness, etc., can be adjusted Cement Manufacturing Machine analyzer, the higher the speed of the Cement Manufacturing Machine, the higher the fineness, the speed The lower the lower the fineness, the finer the fineness, the lower the output, and the lower the rotational speed of the Cement Manufacturing Machine fan if it is still not up to the requirements, the user can flexibly grasp according to the need of fineness.

4. When using the Cement Manufacturing Machine, it must be maintained by a special person. The operator must have a certain level of technology. The mill must perform necessary technical training before the installation to make it understand the movement. The principle and performance of the crusher powder machine, familiar with the operation process.

5. When the grinding roller of the Cement Manufacturing Machine is used for more than 500 hours, the grinding roller should be replaced again. The rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time.

6. The scrapping limit of the grinding roller ring is that the remaining small wall thickness should not be less than 10mm.

7. When the Cement Manufacturing Machine stops, the feed should be stopped first, and the main machine continues to grind, so that the residual abrasive can continue to be ground for about one minute, then the main motor and the analyzer motor can be turned off, the grinding work is stopped, and then the fan is stopped. The motor is used to blow off the residual powder.

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