Coal Grinding Mill Plant

Coal Grinding Mill Plant

Coal Grinding Mill production line


When using a Coal Grinding Mill for mineral milling, the following equipment is roughly required to form a grinding production line: ore crusher, granulating material conveying hoist and silo, vibrating feeder, cyclone powder collection for mineral powder material collection. Devices, dust removal devices, noise reduction devices, electronic control systems, etc., for these devices to briefly introduce you.

Generally, in the Coal Grinding Mill production, the equipment used for the crushing of ore materials is mainly broken, and if the ore material is to be crushed by a complete production line and then transported to the mill, it needs to be Install some other crushing equipment behind the machine, such as counter-breaking, etc., and then transport the ore particles to the Coal Grinding Mill.

The main equipment for conveying ore pellets is a hoist, a vibrating feeder, and a storage device —— silo. The hoist is used to transport the material to a high place to facilitate the entry of material from the feed port of the Coal Grinding Mill into the grinding chamber; the silo is a device for storing materials because the crusher is relative to the mill. The output is high, so materials that cannot be ground temporarily can be stored; the ore material is sent to the mill using a vibrating feeder to facilitate uniform and quantitative feeding.

The ore material is transported to the Coal Grinding Mill, which is ground by the grinding chamber of the machine, and the ground material is taken away by the hot air blown into the system, and passes through the classifier to realize the powder selection of the ore powder. This is the path of movement of the material inside the Coal Grinding Mill.

After the selected powder is completed, the powder material will enter the pipeline. One end of the pipeline is connected to the mill, and the other end is connected to the cyclone dust collector. The cyclone dust collector is used to collect the mineral powder, and because the mineral powder The air pollution is relatively large, that is, dust pollution, so in order to prevent the mineral powder from leaking into the air, we will install a dust removal device behind the cyclone dust collector to remove the dust in the wind flowing inside the system, and then in the system. The wind will run out of the dust collector and the dust will remain in the dust collector, thus achieving dust removal production.

The Coal Grinding Mill is inseparable from the electronic control system. It mainly provides power support for the system, and the silencer installed in the system is mainly used to eliminate noise pollution for quiet production purposes.

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