Coal Ore Milling Equipment In Power Plant

Coal Ore Milling Equipment In Power Plant

Guide reading: in the new century, especially in the 12th Five-Year plan, special emphasis should be placed on adjusting the industrial structure and changing the way of economic development. Specific to coal enterprises, refers to the realization of the intensive, clean and diversified development of the coal industry. The Coal Ore Milling Equipment In Power Plant developed by the SBM is very good to meet the customer’s requirements for the use of 200-33 m (80-425Mesh) fine powder and promote the multiple development of coal.

Problems In The Use Of Traditional Coal

China is rich in coal resources, with a coal area of about 550 thousand square kilometers, which ranks the top of the world’s coal producing countries. For a long time, coal has been supplied as main industrial fuel, such as thermal power plant, iron and steel industry and pulverized coal boiler. However, the traditional way of coal utilization has also brought a series of problems.


  • Produce a large number of harmful substances, resulting in deterioration of air quality.
  • Can not effectively use the discharged gangue, causing environmental pollution.

Therefore, to improve coal combustion efficiency, comprehensive utilization of coal gangue and promote the diversification of coal utilization is the direction of the development of coal enterprises, but also in response to “second Five-Year” plan to further establish the “coal-based, pluralistic development,” the basic strategy must The road.

MTW European Coal Ore Milling Equipment Promotes The Diversification Of Coal Enterprises

MTW Europe Coal Ore Milling Equipment is based on the long-term R & D experience of the milling machine. It absorbs the latest European grinding technology and concept, and develops the 9518 bit mill’s customer suggestion. The machine can meet the various needs of coal grinding and promote the diversified development of coal enterprises, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Coal Gangue Powder

MTW Europe Coal Ore Milling Equipment can make coal gangue grinding powder into different fineness and make comprehensive utilization of the raw materials of power plant, building materials and chemical industry.

2. Pulverized coal

Research shows that the coal powder is made, the combustion efficiency can be increased to more than 80%, while reducing emissions of harmful gases, it is benefit to both economic and environmental protection.

3. Fly Ash

Fly ash, which refers to the main solid waste discharged from a coal-fired power plant, contains a large number of active components. These fine ashes can produce different grades of fly ash, which can meet the two use requirements in the fields of building materials, metallurgy and chemical industry through the MTW Europe Coal Ore Milling Equipment.

Application case: MTW138 Coal Ore Milling Equipment In Power Plant

The company has a long-term cooperation with Panzhihua iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd. to provide coal injection for BF in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group (Pangang), and purchase the MTW138 Coal Ore Milling Equipment from our company.

Customer situation

  • Day operation: 8 hours
  • Feed: Panzhihua water washing coal
  • Finished: 100-200 mesh pulverized coal used for blast furnace coal injection in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company

Customer Feedback

It is a great pleasure to cooperate with SBM. From purchase to operation, whether it’s salesmen or technicians, we have been keeping frequent communication with us, and have made many trips from Shanghai to Sichuan. Not only is the communication very smooth, but the output of the equipment has reached nearly twice as much as expected, which has brought us a considerable economic benefit.


According to the MTW138 Coal Ore Milling Equipment design engineer, the model has the advantages of traditional milling machine milling machine can not match, such as the use of bevel gear transmission, the overall internal lubrication system, oil temperature measurement and other advanced technology in the world; at the same time, possession of a number of independent patent technology, has reached the international advanced level of technology, is to improve the coal grinding the efficiency of coal enterprises diversified development, and promote the transformation of essential magic.

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