Cost Of Barite Processing Plant

Cost Of Barite Processing Plant

Barite Processing Machine design evaluation method

After the Barite Processing Machine is designed, if you want to know what the role of the Barite Processing Machine is, you need to check the machine. Then you need to master some Barite Processing Machine design evaluation methods. :

First. Assessment of the ability of grinding rock

In the ability to grind rock rock in a Barite Processing Machine, we first need to calculate the rock breaking force p on the tip of the grinding tooth. In the formula of M=975.(N/n).i, M represents the torque of the grinding roller in units of kgm; N represents the rated power of the motor in units of kw (the power of one motor when the motor is driven); n represents the rated speed of the motor in units of r/min; i is the gear ratio of the reducer. After obtaining the value of M, the rock breaking force can be calculated by P=M/R, unit kg; p is the rock breaking force, R is the radius of gyration of the grinding tooth tip, unit m; if P≥ The pressure resistance is then stated.

Second, the production evaluation

Generally, the output Q of the Barite Processing Machine is relatively surplus, but the output is related to the composition of the particle size of the feed, so it is necessary to clearly understand the requirements of the feed size and the discharge size. Therefore, it is necessary to master the formula of yield Q to calculate Q=K(mn), Q is the production capacity of the mill, the unit is m^3.h^-1; K is the filling factor of the material; m is the gear as the unit time of the material. The internal volume of the material between the toothed rolls. n represents the volume of all the tooth rolls passing between the two rolls per unit time.

Third, bearing evaluation

It is necessary to use double-row spherical roller bearings with oil grooves on the outer ring of the tapered hole as much as possible. The clearance can be adjusted through the adapter sleeve, which is convenient and disassembled.

Fourth, grinding rock evaluation

Damaged rock is a consumable part, and the abrasive rock must be made of alloy steel with good weldability, and it must be replaced.

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