Double Roller Sand Making Machine

Double Roller Sand Making Machine

How Double Roller Sand Making Machiners create high economic value


 Recently, the customer service staff of Shibang Industrial Technology Group received a thank-you call from many users. They said that several production lines with Double Roller Sand Making Machiner as the main equipment purchased by Shibang Industrial Technology Group have been in operation since they were put into use. It is stable and efficient, the crushing ratio is large, the finished grain shape is good, the output is large, the overall use is good, the income is improved, and the road is getting smoother and smoother.

With the rapid development of the national economy, the development of various industries has been promoted, especially in the mining industry. More and more investors are aiming at the target, because the construction of a large number of infrastructure and urbanization is accelerating, for the aggregate of sand and gravel. Demand is increasing, and sandstone aggregate production has huge business opportunities. Double Roller Sand Making Machiners are favored by users because of their high productivity, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, so that they can get more and more stable on the road to prosperity.

How Double Roller Sand Making Machiners create high economic value

1, flexible adjustment, to meet a variety of needs

The Double Roller Sand Making Machiner can control the particle size range of the discharge by adjusting the gap between the counterattack and the crushing chamber or the speed of the rotor. The adjustment method is flexible and convenient, and the particle size range is wide. The production of different discharge specifications can be realized to meet the needs of users. Production needs.

2, small wear and long service life

The material only touches the side facing the hammer, and the friction between the hammer and the material that rotates under the driving of the rotor is small, which is not easy to cause great loss, greatly prolongs the service life of the hammer and improves the hammer. Utilization, reducing production costs.

3, excellent grain shape, high value creation

The Double Roller Sand Making Machiner adopts the new concept crushing technology to optimize the structure of the plate hammer and the crushing chamber, which can control the discharge granularity of the product. The finished product is cubic, the needle-like content is small, the granular shape is excellent, and the application value is high.

4, advanced technology, low system energy consumption

6 hammers connected to the rotor, can be quickly replaced with special tools, equipment shutdown

Double Roller Sand Making Machiner price

Since the performance of the Double Roller Sand Making Machiner is so good and has such a large business opportunity, what is the price of such a device? In fact, different manufacturers, the sales price will have a certain difference, and the quality, capacity, service, etc. will be different, users need to seriously examine when selecting. If you want to know the specific quotation of the manufacturers of Shibang Industrial Technology Group, you can consult online customer service for free and sincerely serve you.

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