Gold Ball Mill Prices In South Africa

Gold Ball Mill Prices In South Africa

Analysis of the causes of failure of gears in Gold Ball Mills

In the production of Gold Ball Mills, failure problems sometimes occur, which is a very common phenomenon. However, when the gear of the Gold Ball Mill fails in production, what is going on? Now let’s take a look.

Gold Ball Mills are important grinding equipment in cement, metallurgy, mining, power plants and other industries. Under his work, the material is ground into a qualified fine powder. In this process, the milling equipment plays an important role.

For the Gold Ball Mill, the gear pair transmission is an important part of it. Its weight, volume and cost occupy a large proportion in the whole machine, and its working efficiency has an important impact on the normal operation of the Gold Ball Mill. In the working process of the Gold Ball Mill, gear transmission failure is a prone to failure, and this phenomenon has a great impact on his work.

In the process, the failure mode of the gear is manifested as follows: transition wear, abrasive wear, pitting and tooth fracture. Now let’s take a look at the reasons that caused them to form.

First, the tooth surface contact fatigue strength. There is stress concentration on the gear of the Gold Ball Mill. When the tooth tip of the gear enters the meshing state, the surface layer forms the original crack under the action of excessive equivalent contact shear stress. During the operation of the gear, the high-pressure oil generated by the contact pressure enters the crack at a very high speed, and exerts a strong fluid impact on the crack wall. At the same time, the secondary surface of the gear can close the crack opening, further increase the oil pressure in the crack, and force the crack to expand in the depth direction and the tooth surface direction, and the material falls off from the tooth surface, which causes damage to the gear.

Second, the working environment and lubrication conditions. Due to the limitation of working conditions, the gear pair transmission of the Gold Ball Mill has a relatively poor working environment, and there are many dust particles in the air, and the sealing condition is poor. The lubrication conditions are insufficient, so the gear pair is prone to these problems. When the oil filling is insufficient and the gear pair sealing condition is poor, the transition wear is likely to occur.

Third, the tooth root bending fatigue strength. After the gear of the Gold Ball Mill runs for a period of time, the gear meshing becomes a partial contact, the gear is unevenly distributed over the entire tooth width, and the gear shaft is prone to bending and torsional deformation, so that the load is unevenly distributed along the tooth width direction, resulting in unevenness. It’s tired.

For Gold Ball Mills, the way it is damaged is diverse, so during its use, care should be taken to maintain it so that its production is protected.

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