How To Improve The Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Output

How To Improve The Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Output

How To Improve The Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Output?

Raymond Ore Milling Equipment because of its low prices, large output and other advantages of more popular. But after some time, these advantages are gone. Raymond Ore Milling Equipment output lower and lower, seriously affecting the effectiveness of enterprises. These problems plague many businesses so that they do not know exactly what to do.

A Reasonable Choice Of Host Speed, Increase Host Grinding Force

As the grinding force mainly comes from the centrifugal force of the grinding roller, the speed of the main machine directly affects the grinding force. The low speed of the driving shaft may be one of the reasons that the output rate of the powder is low. If there is insufficient power, the loose or worn belt can cause the speed of the driving shaft to decelerate slowly.

Recommendation: Considering the carrying capacity of the host motor is a factor that increases the production efficiency of the Raymond Ore Milling Equipment. Increase Ore Milling Equipment running kinetic energy, adjust the belt or renewal.

2. Reasonable Adjustment Blower Pressure, Air Volume

Because of the physical properties of various non-metallic mineral raw materials, there are huge differences in chemical composition, such as graphite, gypsum and other less dense mineral, air pressure in the regulation of air flow should be relatively high density minerals (such as barite, Iron ore, etc.) to be small, and to make it properly adjusted, such as too large, is easy to make coarse particles in the grading sieve can not be a good classification and mixed into finished products, there are substandard products; such as too small, the host Within the prone blocking material phenomenon, so that the machine can not be normal operation.

3. The Proper Design Of The Blade Device And The Choice Of Grinding Ring Wear-Resistant Materials

Blade device is directly on the material shovel grinding wheel and grinding ring between the important device, after technical development and improvement, Raymond Ore Milling Equipment blade design are more reasonable, able to shovel and allow the material in the grinding and grinding Ring between the full grinding.

Blades, grinding rollers, grinding rings and other major abrasive wear parts will affect the wear rate of a serious number of wear-resistant materials to choose wear-resistant parts, such as high-chromium cast iron. Shovel can not afford to shovel material, grinding roller wear serious failure to achieve a good grinding effect leading to low processing rate of powder, wearing parts to be replaced promptly.

4. Do A Good Job Of Equipment Lubrication

Another reason that influences the speed of the main machine of the Ore Milling Equipment may be that the grinding teeth become dull, so the gear parts such as the grinding teeth need to be checked from time to time so as to prepare for the lubrication and renewal.

5. Dredge Pipeline, Well Sealed

Ore Milling Equipment conveying air duct clogged, resulting in powder can not be transported normally, will cause the powder production is low or not powder problem, solve the processing need to shut down to clear the pipe material, and re-boot.

Recommendations: The material contains ultrafine powder agglomeration effect, and the loose proportion of small, accounting for large volume (the same weight of the largest 800 products than the 325 mesh product size nearly double), but also easy to stick in the wall and the material Warehouse wall, not easy to fall, so the inner wall of the pipe and silo should be as smooth as possible, the best lined with galvanized or stainless steel plate, silo discharge cone taper to be as small as possible, the best warehouse wall vibrator.

In addition to plugging the pipeline, the sealing is also affected, poor sealing pipe will result in increased dust, negative pressure imbalance, low powder delivery rate, sealed pipe work must be in place before the inspection.

Recommendation: Raymond Ore Milling Equipment production line outlet port powder was not adjusted to the correct state, resulting in lax seal, powder suction and so on, to ensure that the powder, return air pipe valves and other valves on the pipeline should be in good condition Work status.

6. Attention To The Material Humidity, Viscosity, Hardness And So On

The performance of the equipment itself is the main factor determining the level of production efficiency, but the material properties, such as powder moisture, viscosity, hardness, grain size requirements, will also affect the output rate. Reference equipment specifications and instructions, to run in the corresponding requirements in order to achieve the best production results.

Rational use of equipment, good routine maintenance and maintenance, so as to maximize the life of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment, play the best performance, to create the highest efficiency.

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