Marble Powder Plant Project Report

Marble Powder Plant Project Report

Marble Powder Machine grinding roller supplier

The operation of the Marble Powder Machine bearing is related to the operation of the grinding ring, and the bearing running is not smooth, so that the grinding ring can not work normally, which affects the production of the Marble Powder Machine. The correct installation of the bearing is a step to ensure that the bearing works well, so it is very important to ensure the correct installation of the bearing. Let’s take a look at the precautions for the installation of the Marble Powder Machine bearing.

1. Inspection before installation. Before installing the Marble Powder Machine bearing, carefully check whether all the connecting surfaces of the shaft are smooth, the bearing quality is qualified, and check whether the bearing surface is rusted. Then clean the bearings with diesel or kerosene to ensure that the bearings are clean.

2, the choice of installation method. The mounting bearing is generally selected by the press-in method or the hot-packing method. Sometimes, due to the large amount of journaling of the bearing, it is difficult to fit the journal by the general press-fit method, and it must be installed by the hot-packing method. When installing the bearing by hot charging method, the heating process must be strictly controlled to ensure uniform heating of the bearing, and impurities are prohibited from entering during the installation process to avoid the bearing hardness being reduced or deformed.

3. Install the bearing correctly. It is forbidden to hit the bearing surface with a tool when the bearing is installed, so as not to damage the bearing. The correct method of installation is to press the end face of the bearing ring with a sleeve, and then tap the sleeve with a tool to press the ring evenly.

4. Adjustment of working clearance. The working clearance of the bearing is divided into radial clearance and axial clearance, which respectively indicate the movement of the other ring from one extreme position to the other in the radial direction and the axial direction when one ferrule is fixed. In order to extend the working life of the bearing, it is necessary to ensure that the working clearance value of the bearing is reasonable, and the clearance value should be determined according to different working conditions and the amount of interference.

5. Check after installation. After installation, check whether the bearing is in contact with other parts of the Marble Powder Machine, whether the lubricating oil can flow smoothly into the bearing, whether the sealing device and the axial fastening device are installed correctly, etc., to ensure that the bearing is installed in place, flexible operation, no card Hysteresis.

6. Trial operation after installation. After the bearing is installed, the test run test should be carried out to see if the bearing has noise, vibration, excessive temperature rise and other faults. If abnormality is found, stop the operation immediately, find out the cause of the fault and eliminate it. If the test run is normal, the Marble Powder Machine bearing is properly installed and can be used for production operations.

The above is the precautions for the installation of the Marble Powder Machine bearing. As long as we install the bearing correctly, it can reduce the impact on the production caused by improper bearing assembly.

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