Material Impact on Ore Milling Equipment Vibration and Treatment

Material Impact on Ore Milling Equipment Vibration and Treatment

Material Impact on Ore Milling Equipment Vibration and Treatment

The impact of materials on the Ore Milling Equipment vibration, mainly in the material size, easy to wear and moisture. In the vertical Ore Milling Equipment operation, to form a stable material layer, it requires grinding material with appropriate grading, more than 95% of the particle size is less than 3% of the roller diameter. Feed size is too large will lead to deterioration of easy to wear. As the gap between the large pieces of material is not enough space for the filling of fine particles, material bed buffer performance is poor, the impact of material crushing is difficult to absorb, resulting in increased Ore Milling Equipment vibration. Feeding particle size is too small, especially powdery material for a long time, due to small particles of small friction, good fluidity. The lack of large pieces of material to form a supporting skeleton, not easy to form a stable bed. Grinding roller can not effectively pressure roller, a large number of powder material will make the Ore Milling Equipment dust concentration and airflow resistance increased, when reached the limit will produce collapse material, resulting in increased Ore Milling Equipment vibration.

When the operator found that the material is too small, especially the vertical pressure within the Ore Milling Equipment has risen significantly, it should promptly adjust the feed, reduce the grinding pressure and outlet temperature and increase the amount of water spray, appropriately reduce the speed of the separator. In ensuring the pressure stability and material thickness under the premise of increased grinding pressure.

The material is easy to wear is an important factor affecting the yield, when the material becomes easy to grind worse, vertical Ore Milling Equipment on the material grinding cycle significantly increased. As most of the material is crushed into fine powder, but can not meet the requirements of the finished product, can not be brought out of the Ore Milling Equipment by the air flow, as the fine particle material on the disc increases, there will be similar to the feed particle size is too small, Worse, poor ventilation, external circulation and internal circulation have increased substantially. At this time, the material layer becomes extremely unstable, the load of the separator increases, the thickness of the material layer increases, and the load of the Ore Milling Equipment increases. If not treated promptly, the vibration of the vertical Ore Milling Equipment will be aggravated further and the main motor will be overcurrent.

Material moisture on the impact of Ore Milling Equipment vibration can not be ignored. If the material moisture is too low, it is difficult for the dried material to form a stable material bed on the grinding disc reliably, which inevitably causes the vibration of the grinding machine. When the water is too high, the disc material layer is too low, easy to form cake, the Ore Milling Equipment increased vibration. In order to meet the material drying requirements, the need to provide greater air volume and higher air temperature, the Ore Milling Equipment will be high wind speed, the material should be settled down forced suspension, reduce external circulation and increased internal circulation. At the same time, thickening of the upper layer of the abrasive disc by the high moisture material adhesion force increases the chances of collapse of the material, resulting in a balanced bed destruction.

Accumulator mainly for the roller group to provide a buffer for lifting. Accumulator pressure is too high or one of the nitrogen balloon damage, it will reduce the buffer effect or even completely lost, resulting in a strong impact roller Ore Milling Equipment group and the material bed caused by the Ore Milling Equipment vibration.

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment water spray system for stabilizing the bed has an important role, especially in raw materials, powdery material or water is very low, the role is more obvious, you can increase the material toughness and rigidity, easy to material grinding , Protect the roller surface and disc.

The height of the stop ring determines the maximum thickness of the material bed. When the stop ring is too low, the material layer as a buffer layer becomes thinner and the cushioning effect becomes weaker, which will cause the vibration of the Ore Milling Equipment. Too high a stop ring will result in grinding Lower efficiency, lower output and higher power consumption. Excessive wear of the scraper, the uneven wear of the guide vanes and the windshield will cause the uneven distribution of the air volume in the air ring and the Ore Milling Equipment, resulting in different thickness of materials on the grinding disc and causing vibration.

Over or under the Ore Milling Equipment temperature can lead to the destruction of the stability of the material layer, especially when the temperature is too high, the material on the disc becomes very loose and easy to flow. Not only material layer thinning, but also not easy to roll Ore Milling Equipment roller, causing vibration. If the temperature is too low, the material flow is poor, easy to accumulate in the disc, will lead to material thickening, grinding efficiency decreased.

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