Material Thickness And Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Operation

Material Thickness And Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Operation

Factors Affecting The Thickness Of The Material

  • A. Water spray volume. Large amount of water, the material layer thickness.
  • B. Into the grinding temperature. High temperature, material thin.
  • C. Feeding volume. Feeding volume, material thickness.
  • D. Grinding pressure. Grinding pressure, material thin.
  • E. System ventilation. Large air volume is thin.
  • F. Cycle load rate. When adjusting the speed of the separator or Ore Milling Equipment grinding conditions change, or the material is easy to wear changes lead to changes in the cycle load ratio, the material layer thickness will change, specifically in the cycle load rate becomes larger, material change thick.

The Best Material Thickness

We can not expect a precise numerical control of the material thickness due to instrument causes or equipment wear and material properties changes. The best material thickness is embodied in the following aspects:

  • A. Ore Milling Equipment high output.
  • B. Ore Milling Equipment power higher and stable, but little fluctuation.
  • C. Material layer fluctuations.
  • D. Small grinding vibration.

How To Control The Material Thickness

A. The Right Amount Of Water Spray.

  • a. Material thin, the main motor power hours can increase the amount of water spray.
  • b. Material thin, the main motor power should not increase the high water spray volume.
  • c. Material thickness, the main motor power can reduce the water spray high.
  • d. Material thickness, the main motor power should increase the grinding pressure low.

B. Higher Grinding Pressure.

The higher grinding pressure can make the Ore Milling Equipment get higher grinding efficiency, which can reduce the cycle load, is conducive to the stability of the material layer.

C. The Right Amount Of Feed.

According to the amount of back to the amount of timely adjustment of the amount of feed, the feed rate and cycle load rate is always stable in vertical Ore Milling Equipment can make the best level of grinding efficiency.

D. Into The Grinding Air Temperature.

  • According to the amount of moisture content of raw materials, regulating the inlet air temperature. The basis is to determine a certain inlet temperature, if the outlet temperature decreases, the material thickness becomes larger, the inlet air temperature should be increased, while the corresponding reduction in imported air temperature.
  • In ensuring the fineness of the premise, to improve ventilation is conducive to reducing the cycle load factor, reducing the material thickness.

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