Mica Powder Machine In Pakistan

Mica Powder Machine In Pakistan

Mica Powder Machine supplier


The new Mica Powder Machine must be commissioned before the installation is completed and put into formal crushing. This is also an inspection to verify the quality of the design, manufacture and installation of the Mica Powder Machine. In the trial operation, the shortages and problems of the equipment can be found, and it can be solved in time. In this paper, the Mica Powder Machine supplier talks about the preparations for the Mica Powder Machine before commissioning.

1. After the basic secondary grouting, it should be cured for a period of time before the test. The general curing period is 14 days. In the summer, after 7 days of maintenance, the single machine can be tested without load, and the load can be tested with 9 days. In winter, it takes more than 20 days to help load the test.

2. Check all anchor bolts and connecting bolts for looseness. If loose, tighten them at any time.

3. Check if the foundation of the Mica Powder Machine sinks and there are defects such as cracks.

4. Check whether the Mica Powder Machine lining (including the end cap lining), the unloading plate, the sieve plate, the grinding door and the related moving parts connecting bolts are all tightened.

5, the main bearing, transmission bearing, reducer, size gear should be cleaned and inspected, and exclude any waste, add enough lubricant (fat).

6. Check whether the water cooling system and lubricating oil system of the main bearing and reducer of the Mica Powder Machine leak and the pipeline is unblocked.

7. The grinding head bin, the feeding device, the unloading device and the conveying device are tested by a single machine to see if they are normal.

8. The main motor of the Mica Powder Machine should be dried beforehand and subjected to the same test run for a period of time without negative (without grinding machine).

9. Under no-load conditions, use the wire rope of the reeling machine to drive the mill to rotate a few times at a slow speed to see if it collides with other objects.

10. The components of the signal device and the temperature measuring device should be adjusted.

The preparatory work before the test run can be carried out in the next step, and the no-load operation or load test operation can be carried out according to the requirements. The Mica Powder Machine that meets the requirements can be shipped from the factory. The Mica Powder Machine supplier is strictly responsible for each customer. The attitude of each device is strictly controlled. Under the attention and expectation of everyone, the Mica Powder Machine supplier will do even bigger and stronger.

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