MTW European Ore Milling Equipment Technical Advantages

MTW European Ore Milling Equipment Technical Advantages

MTW European Ore Milling Equipment Technical Advantages

Summary´╝ÜThe last article mainly introduced the development history of Raymond Mill, this article mainly introduces the technical advantages of the new MTW European Ore Milling Equipment.

1, Grinding Roller Linkage Pressure

MTW European Ore Milling Equipment retained the advantages of over-pressure trapezoidal grinding, based on the special grinding roller linkage supercharger technology, smooth operation, which greatly improves the service life of equipment, the same power, the output increased significantly.

2, No Resistance Into The Wind Volute

The traditional grinder inlet volute observation door inside the door panel protruding outward, and the inlet volute is not a plane, so easy to produce eddy current effects, increase system energy consumption. MTW European Ore Milling Equipmentt uses the inner surface of the inner panel and the inner surface of the inlet volute in the same surface, so that we can effectively prevent eddy current effect.

3, Bevel Gear Overall Transmission

Traditional Ore Milling Equipment generally need to be equipped with an external reducer, the structure of the transmission chain and more, low efficiency, difficult to install; for the shortcomings of these structures on the market, the MTW European Ore Milling Equipment using a new bevel gear overall transmission, the structure is more compact, reducing transmission chain, In the case of the same power consumption significantly increased production capacity of 20%, the efficiency greatly increased.

4, Internal Thin Oil Lubrication System

Traditional Ore Milling Equipment spindle lubrication in the form of grease lubrication, lubrication resistance, high temperature, short bearing life; MTW European Ore Milling Equipment three rotating parts (spindle system, separator system, fan system) are all new thin oil lubrication (rather than butter Grease) is a revolution in the field of pendulum grinding. The service life of the bearing system is greatly improved. At the same time, the oil change period is about 4 months and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

5, Curved Duct Design

The MTW European Ore Milling Equipment has been improved and verified by customers. The adopted air duct is curved duct, the import of tangential air is smooth, the resistance is small, the air loss is small and the material flow is good. The internal exit direction is conducive to material dispersion and is not easily blocked Material, greatly improve fan efficiency.

6, The Surface Can Be Changed Blade Blade

Shredder shovel blades for the combination of blade with high wear-resistant alloy materials, long life, the replacement of only the replacement of the blade part, increased material utilization, the use of more than 40% reduction in costs.

7, Environmental Protection, Low Noise

After the improvement of the equipment, the working noise is greatly reduced. After the residual air is filtered through the advanced pulse precipitator, the dust emission concentration is completely lower than the national environmental protection regulations. (Export dust content <30mg / Nm)

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