Portable Rock Crusher For Sale

Portable Rock Crusher For Sale

Portable Rock Crusher improves construction waste treatment

The Portable Rock Crusher has high-efficiency crushing ability for hard materials such as shale, glass, ceramics, bluestone and metal ore, especially in the application of mechanical sand and metal ore. In the sand and gravel production line, the Portable Rock Crusher is often used in combination with the impact crusher, which plays a non-negligible role in the crushing of materials. So what are the factors that affect the quality of the finished product during the crushing process? This article will be analyzed one by one.

1, the crushing ratio size

The crush ratio is a concept for measuring the crushing effect of a crushing device. Simply speaking, it is the ratio of the particle size of the raw material to the particle size of the product after crushing. The larger the ratio, the larger the crushing ratio, and the smaller the crushing ratio. When the crushing ratio is large, the needle-like content of the finished product increases. Moreover, this rule is not only applicable to many crushing equipments, but it has nothing to do with the model; however, if the crushing ratio is too small, the whole system yield is reduced, the internal circulation is increased, and the machine wears. Increase, economical, and low production efficiency. In general, Portable Rock Crushers have a large crushing ratio. It is only in the entire production process that it is necessary to choose the appropriate crushing ratio, which is an important measure to ensure the quality of the finished product.

2, the size of the discharge port size

The discharge size of the Portable Rock Crusher ranges from 0 to 5 mm. If the discharge port size is unreasonable, it will have a greater impact on the discharge size. The size is larger and the finished product size may not meet the fineness requirement. If the size is too small, it may cause the powder to break. Therefore, to adjust the discharge opening to the appropriate size, to ensure the quality of the finished product.

3, cyclic load

In a closed loop production process, the discharge opening is adjusted to increase the load in the circulation, and the stone shape will become better. During the whole process, the wear of the equipment in the system will increase due to the increase of the cyclic load, but when After the discharge opening is adjusted, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the granular shape of the finished product becomes good. The main thing is to control the cyclic load within an appropriate range that does not affect the production of the equipment.

4, the crushing process

In the secondary crushing process, there are first and second crushing and first crushing and then splitting. The two crushing processes also have a certain impact on the quality of the finished product. The first screening and the crushing means that the first-stage crushed material is first sieved through the finished sieve, and then enters the secondary crushing feed inlet for crushing, so that the output of the finished material increases, but the needle-like content also increases. The first crushing and sieving means that all the first-stage crushed materials are fed into the secondary crusher feed port, and after repeated breaking, the finished product sieve is sieved. The whole system is a closed system, no broken material is lost, and the circulating load is large. , but the product shape is good. Both have their own advantages, users can choose according to the actual situation, but the method of crushing and sieving first may have better guarantee of the quality of finished products.

5, the characteristics of the material

The quality of any crushing equipment including Portable Rock Crusher is closely related to the hardness, blockiness and humidity of the material. The hardness and blockiness of the material are also difficult to break. The finished product quality may not be as good as hardness and small block. materials. Materials with a large water content may be bonded to the broken inner wall and may also affect the quality of the finished product. However, the Portable Rock Crusher is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and the moisture content can reach about 8%. As long as it does not exceed its tolerance range, a good quality finished product can be obtained.

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