Portable Sand Washing Plant India

Portable Sand Washing Plant India

Portable Sand Washing Plant configuration


The Portable Sand Washing Plant mainly processes the stone into high-quality gravel aggregate through the sand making equipment and the crushing equipment, and some auxiliary equipment. The stone material processed by the sand can be used for rapid development in the construction, highway, water conservancy and other industries. The fire in the sand-making sand has moved the development of the sand-making production line. How to configure a Portable Sand Washing Plant at a cheap price? I believe this question is also a topic that most users care about. There are small series for you to talk about slowly;

In the sand production line, sand making equipment is indispensable, but there are many kinds of sand making equipment on the market. How can we choose? In addition, in addition to sand making equipment, it is also necessary to configure crushing equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc., so in order to configure a cheaper price and meet the Portable Sand Washing Plant, the Shibang manufacturers configure it for us:

First of all, in the selection of crushing equipment, a PE-750× 1060 smashing machine is needed as the coarse crushing equipment. The production capacity of the equipment is 110-320t/h, which can meet the crushing operation of 1600 square stone materials of Nissan;

In addition to the configuration of a coarse crushing equipment, it is also necessary to configure a fine crushing equipment. What is needed here is the HPT800 cone crusher, which can meet the needs of sand making.

Then, we need our main equipment, sand making equipment & mdash; VSI6X8018 plastic machine, sand processing after the fine crushing treatment, VSI6X8018 shaping machine is also a sand making machine, is a production of construction sand and stone The main equipment is the upgrade of traditional sand making equipment, which can match the stone material title to the construction sand of various granularities.

In addition, it is necessary to configure some auxiliary equipment in the Portable Sand Washing Plant, mainly: ZSW490× 110 vibrating feeder, B1000 conveyor & times; 24 meters; these two mainly cooperate to complete this sand production line.

Portable Sand Washing Plant price

After the above-mentioned Portable Sand Washing Plant configured by Shibang manufacturers, not only the automation degree is high, the finished product quality is good, and the price is also very cheap, because the various equipments that Shibang manufacturers use in the Portable Sand Washing Plant. It is developed and produced by the manufacturer independently, all of which are first-hand sources, and the manufacturing cost is low, so the offer of this Portable Sand Washing Plant is also very low! For specific prices, you can consult online for free, and there will be professionals to quote you.

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