Project For Sand Manufacturing In Tamil

Project For Sand Manufacturing In Tamil

300 ton Sand Manufacturing Project full configuration


In the case of a drastic reduction in the number of natural river sands, artificial sand making has become a promising project for investors. The construction industry, infrastructure industry, roads, railways, bridges and other industries are increasingly demanding sand and gravel aggregates. The development and use of machine sand has become a new project for market development. How much does it cost to invest in a 300-ton Sand Manufacturing Project? How to configure it? Please see the specific analysis below.

300 ton Sand Manufacturing Project full configuration

There are many types of raw materials for machine-made sand. Marble, pebbles, granite, bluestone, weathered rock, etc. can be used to process sand. Therefore, when the company integrates the production line, the characteristics of the raw materials and the requirements for the mechanism sand are applied. Therefore, the production line has high configuration requirements, stable operation, and is more in line with industry requirements and user requirements. The specific configuration scheme is vibrating feeder —— jaw crusher ——impact crusher (cone crusher)——vibrating screen——impact sand making machine——washing Sand machines, as well as auxiliary equipment conveyor belts, can obtain high quality sand and gravel aggregates.

300 tons Sand Manufacturing Project advantages

1. High degree of automation and low operating cost. It is suitable for rock of various hardnesses. It produces less powdery materials, good finished grain shape, large output and high profit.

2. The size of the discharge material is adjustable, and various specifications meet the needs of different users. The gradation is reasonable, the quality of the finished product is easier to control, and the high quality standard is achieved. It is widely used in high-strength processing such as concrete and dry-mixed mortar.

3. During the operation of the production line, the noise is small, the dust is less, the impact on the production environment is small, the environmental protection and energy saving effect is good, and it meets the relevant national standards and takes sustainable development.

How much does it cost to invest in a 300-ton Sand Manufacturing Project?

There are many types of equipment required for Sand Manufacturing Projects, and different types of equipment have various models. Different manufacturers have different capabilities for producing equipment. There are certain differences in the quality and output of equipment. It will be different, and the specific investment cost needs to be calculated according to the actual choice of the user. As a professional manufacturer of sand making equipment, Shibang Industrial Technology Group provides services for users from R&D, design, production, sales and service, and solves various production problems. Welcome to consult and purchase.

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