Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Development Process

Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Development Process

Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Development Process

From the first generation R-Raymond Ore Milling Equipment in 1987 to the second generation YGM high-pressure suspension roller Ore Milling Equipment in 1994, from the third generation TGM overpressure trapezoidal Ore Milling Equipment in 2005 to the fourth generation MTW European Ore Milling Equipment Ore Milling Equipment weight in 2009 Pound launch, and then to 2013 MTW European version of the Ore Milling Equipment to upgrade a new version of the interpretation of the Raymond Ore Milling Equipment has been updated and upgraded to complete the perfect transformation of a generation of flour Ore Milling Equipment, and SBM is also one after another initiative, Defended its leadership in the Ore Milling Equipmenting machine industry.

In 1987, Raymond Ore Milling Equipment

The originator of industrial Ore Milling Equipmenting equipment worldwide. It uses the principle of rolling grinding between the roller ring, the material for further processing, the whole machine from feeding to the finished product collected once forming. Raymond Ore Milling Equipment with a stable Ore Milling Equipmenting structure, simple structure, and easy to operate, is a pioneer in Ore Milling Equipmenting machine.

In 1994, High-Pressure Suspension Roller Ore Milling Equipment

High-pressure suspension roller grinding Ore Milling Equipment is R & D center in the traditional Raymond Ore Milling Equipment on the basis of improvements, and have the patent of the new Ore Milling Equipment. It uses a vertical high-pressure spring placed to increase grinding roller and grind ring between the grinding pressure, greatly improving the Ore Milling Equipmenting efficiency of the flour Ore Milling Equipment, the operation is more stable and reliable.

In 2005, Tgm Overpressure Trapezium Ore Milling Equipment

Overpressure trapezoidal grinding, a new type of ring roller structure to make this new high-pressure roller Ore Milling Equipment grinding roller has a new development. In the upper part of the flower racks to adjust the level of adjustment spring placed so that over-pressure trapezoidal grinding has more advantages, soft-linked external machine to improve the vibration of the Ore Milling Equipment is the case, the equipment has improved the efficiency of the operation.

In 2009, Mtw European Version Of Ore Milling Equipment

European version of the trapezoidal grinding used a new arc duct, curved blade, bevel gear overall transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system, wind election regulation and many other new patented technology. Practice has proved that MTW European version of Ore Milling Equipment production capacity far greater than the ordinary European version of the Ore Milling Equipment. It also witnessed the continued determination and confidence of SBM to continuously improve in the Ore Milling Equipmenting industry.

After nearly 30 years of technical precipitation, MTW European Edition Ore Milling Equipment upgrade to enhance the absorption of Europe’s latest concept of grinding, profound knowledge, to achieve a technical revolution in industrial Ore Milling Equipmenting machine, with a number of independent patent technology property rights, through the China Machinery Federation and Henan Province Science and Technology Department of double scientific and technological achievements appraisal, a traditional Raymond Ore Milling Equipment, pendulum Ore Milling Equipment and ball Ore Milling Equipment replacement best alternative products, large-scale mineral construction equipment of choice.

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