Sand Filter Machines In Tamilnadu

Sand Filter Machines In Tamilnadu

Excellent characteristics of Sand Filter Machine

Due to the very good structural characteristics and dynamic characteristics of the Sand Filter Machine, different process requirements can be met in the treatment of ores of different properties. Analysis of its nonlinear vibration conditions reveals its excellent characteristics in depth to better guide production.

The Sand Filter Machine is composed of a power part, a transmission part and a working part. The vibration state of the Sand Filter Machine during operation is very complicated because it not only has high-frequency micro-vibration around two Cartesian axes parallel to the horizontal plane, but also circular vibration in the horizontal plane (main vibration of the Sand Filter Machine) form). During the working process, the material is always subjected to the force in the crushing chamber, and participating in the vibration is an important part of the vibration system. The vibration of an actual Sand Filter Machine system is a two-degree-of-freedom nonlinear vibration.

Hysteresis analysis

In a motion cycle of a Sand Filter Machine body, the hysteresis force is symmetrical, which is an odd function of piecewise linearity about the origin symmetry related to the material properties. When the moving cone gap of the Sand Filter Machine is larger than the looseness between the materials in the crushing cavity, the moving cone starts to load the material forward, and the stress and strain accumulation in the material layer increases continuously, and is in the elastic deformation stage. When the relative displacement of the moving cone reaches the limit displacement, the Sand Filter Machine will be in the forward unloading state, and the principle material will have a hysteretic force reduced to zero. Since the process of the Sand Filter Machine is cyclic and symmetrical, the motion of the mechanism during reverse loading and unloading is similar to that of the previous analysis.

Hysteresis equation

According to the hysteresis force is symmetrical about the origin of the coordinate, the equation of the hysteresis force can be established by using the displacement and velocity of the moving cone. The analysis and calculation of the equation shows that the actual vibration frequency of the Sand Filter Machine is not only related to the frequency of the exciter, the quality of the machine, the elastic stiffness of the rubber spring, but also the parameters of the material. The quality of the system, the stiffness of the rubber spring of the vibration isolation system, the frequency of the exciter and the nature of the material affect the amplitude and working efficiency of the Sand Filter Machine. When conditions permit, rubber springs with different stiffnesses have different excitation frequencies for better crushing and better productivity.

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