Sand Washing Machine South Africa

Sand Washing Machine South Africa

Sand Washing Machine parameters and motor configuration


No matter what mine crushing equipment, the power of its operation is from electric power. Therefore, each crusher equipment will be equipped with the corresponding motor. Of course, the size of the motor is also configured according to the type and specifications of the Sand Washing Machine. Here, take the Sand Washing Machine as an example to introduce the parameters of the Sand Washing Machine and the motor configuration.

Sand Washing Machine parameters

The Sand Washing Machine is a small and medium-sized Sand Washing Machine that is often purchased by customers in the Sand Washing Machine. The details of the parameters are: rotor size (diameter multiplied by length) & Phi; 1000× 1050mm, feed port size is 400&times ; 1080mm, large feed size is 350mm, the production capacity in the production line can reach 50-90t / h, the power in production is 45-55KW, the external dimensions are 2370× 1700× 2390mm, the weight of the equipment is 15t.

Sand Washing Machine configuration motor size

The model of the motor that needs to be configured for the Sand Washing Machine is Y280S-45/55. In order to ensure its normal operation, we need to ensure that the motor is not affected by external factors such as rain during production, and then pay attention to the installation when the line is installed. The wiring should be correct. After the production, pay attention to the regular maintenance of all aspects of the Sand Washing Machine. If problems are found, it should be handled in time to prevent leakage during production and power shortages. Sand Washing Machine production capacity declines, production efficiency is low, and so on.

It is understood that the market price of Sand Washing Machine in Guiyang market is about 90,000-100,000 yuan. Different Sand Washing Machine manufacturers have different services and transportation, so the specific Sand Washing Machine quotes will also exist. different. More Sand Washing Machine purchases, accessories, etc. can be consulted free of charge SBM to understand, welcome to visit the production base.

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