Sand Washing Plant Manufacturers In India

Sand Washing Plant Manufacturers In India

Installation precautions for the rotating part of the Sand Washing Plant

With the continuous advancement of national infrastructure construction and transportation construction, the demand for mechanism sand is also increasing. Sand Washing Plant is one of the most widely used crushing equipment in mining equipment, and it is also a commonly used equipment in sand production line.

As a key equipment in the crushing equipment, the Sand Washing Plant is very important. The SBM in this paper talks about the installation precautions of the rotating part of the Sand Washing Plant.

1. In the case of no lifting equipment, the rotating part should be installed on the special wooden frame to be fastened. At this time, the rotating part should be placed on the bearing lining gently and without impact by the rotation of the jack.

2. The entire rotating part cannot be lifted by the lifting ring on the end cover.

3. All dirt on the joints and mating surfaces should be removed.

4. No gasket is allowed on the contact surface of the flange of the cylinder and the flange of the inlet and outlet cover, but a layer of lead should be applied before assembly.

5. The annular gap formed by the inlet and outlet, the liner lining and the end lining is filled with cement mortar. The composition of cement mortar should be equipped according to a certain proportion, generally in accordance with cement: sand = 1:2-3.

6. The level of the rotating part is checked by the spirit level. The horizontal deviation of the center line of the journals at both ends shall not exceed 5 mm, and the direction of the inclination shall indicate the material end.

7. All screws for fastening and nuts should be tightened evenly and reliably.

The basis and premise of the equipment production when the Sand Washing Plant is installed. If there is a problem in the installation, then the subsequent production operations are basically impossible to talk about. Therefore, SBM reminds each user that the importance of the equipment should start from the installation of the equipment, in addition to There are equipment operations, maintenance, regular maintenance, etc., all need to be taken seriously by the operators.

As a large-scale mining machinery import and export base in China, SBM produces Sand Washing Plants with excellent quality and complete models, which can meet the various needs of users. Welcome friends from Zhizhi Mine and Sandstone Industry to visit the factory and consult and purchase.

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