South Africa Ore Milling Equipment

South Africa Ore Milling Equipment

How To Solve The High Temperature Of The Ore Milling Equipment In South Africa?

The South African Ore Milling Equipment is the core equipment in the mill line, so many people do not feel strange to it. Any kind of equipment will be in such a problem for a long time. The South African Ore Milling Equipment is no exception.

  • 1. Check whether the pipeline is unblocked, the viscosity of the oil and the brand are in conformity with the requirements.
  • 2, Ore Milling Equipment roller bearing in powder bearings should be timely refueling, regular cleaning, replacement of oil seals.
  • 3, roller mill ring bearing should be regularly refueling.
  • 4, Ore Milling Equipment bearing room room room temperature can not exceed 70 degrees, if the bearing temperature is too high, should immediately unload the cleaning bearings and bearing room and other accessories cleaning once.
  • 5, the most likely factor of the fan heating is the high wind pressure. Sometimes we will encounter the fan equipment unconsciously in production, so that the fan’s air pressure will change and cause the motor to generate heat. It also reminds us that we must not change the equipment at random in production.
  • 6, there is the reason of the equipment itself, such as poor quality, which requires manufacturers in South Africa to buy Ore Milling Equipment eyes carefully selected, the choice of brands, high quality equipment, such as sebang industrial Ore Milling Equipment technology group received praise in the industry.

Many problems occurred in the daily production of Ore Milling Equipments are due to improper maintenance at ordinary times, so it is recommended that you carry out regular maintenance to ensure the extension of equipment life.

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