Stamp Mill Manufacturer In China

Stamp Mill Manufacturer In China

Feldspar Stamp Mill price

The requirements of the Stamp Mill are very high. Nowadays, the new Stamp Mill —— Feldspar Stamp Mill specially developed for Feldspar grinding is commonly used in the market. Its advanced structure, excellent performance and high efficiency Energy-saving, safe and durable, it is a good choice for Feldspar mills. So what is the price of Feldspar Stamp Mill? These are topics that everyone cares about, and then the group that is a senior Stamp Mill manufacturer will analyze it in detail.

How is the price of Feldspar Stamp Mill?

Before determining the specific price of the Feldspar Stamp Mill, be sure to understand the factors that affect its price? The price of the Stamp Mill is not a long-term fixed value, the quality is different and the price is different. In addition, the nature of the manufacturer, the geographical location, the market supply and demand, the price change of the steel, the model of the Stamp Mill, etc., are all broken with the potassium feldspar. The price positioning of the machine is inextricably linked.

1. Stamp Mill quality

The quality of Feldspar Stamp Mill is the basic factor that determines its price. The quality of Stamp Mill is mainly related to raw material cost and technical cost. Branded manufacturers like the Group have their own R&D team, have many years of production experience, and will introduce some advanced foreign technology from time to time, so the technical content of Stamp Mills is generally high; in addition, such manufacturers in order to maintain or To improve the brand awareness, we will also use some high-quality materials to manufacture Stamp Mills. The cost of raw materials will be relatively high. The above two points can fully guarantee the quality of Stamp Mills and make the performance of Stamp Mills more excellent. However, it also increases the overall production cost of the Stamp Mill, so the price of the Stamp Mill will be relatively higher. On the contrary, some small manufacturers do not have their own R & D personnel, relying on ordinary production technology and raw materials to produce Stamp Mills, so the cost of Stamp Mills is lower, the price may be lower, but such Stamp Mills The quality is not guaranteed, the performance is not even better, and it can not bring long-term benefits to customers, so even if the price is lower, it is not selectable.

As the saying goes, “One point is worth the price”, the quality of the Stamp Mill is generally high, can create more benefits for customers, but it is not the price of high Stamp Mill must be good, then Let’s look at other factors that affect the price of Stamp Mills.

2. The nature of the manufacturer

The nature of the manufacturer determines the price of the Stamp Mill. In fact, it mainly depends on whether it is a direct-sales manufacturer. We all know that we want to buy a low-cost Stamp Mill, so we can buy it directly from the original manufacturer, not from the second- and third-tier dealers. Obtain, because the dealer will continue to raise the price on the basis of the ex-factory price, and earn the profit from the difference; in addition, even the large manufacturers of the same scale, the price of the Stamp Mill is not necessarily the same, because some manufacturers’ production management system Not reasonable enough, it will cause a lot of production waste, so that the price of the Stamp Mill will increase accordingly.

3. Manufacturer area

The location of the manufacturer will also affect the price of the Stamp Mill. If the customer wants to save more money, it is better to choose the manufacturer in this area of ​​Shanghai. Because it belongs to the developing city, the economic development is relatively flat and the price is relatively low. Moreover, there are nearly 2,000 Stamp Mill production plants, and the competition is fierce. In order to stabilize the position, the manufacturers will be less profitable, so the price of Stamp Mills in the region is generally lower than other cities.

4, market supply and demand

Market supply and demand affect the price of Stamp Mills. When there are many Feldspar Stamp Mills in the market, the demand for Stamp Mills will increase, and manufacturers will generally look at the timing to increase the price of Stamp Mills; When the demand for Stamp Mills in the market is reduced, manufacturers will lower prices accordingly.

5, steel prices

Since the main casting material of Feldspar Stamp Mill is steel, the market price change of steel restricts the overall price of Stamp Mill, and its price will increase with the increase of steel price, and will also decrease with the price just now.

6, Stamp Mill model

The model size of the Stamp Mill is a direct factor in determining the price. Due to the different scale of the investor’s site, the type and capacity of the Stamp Mill required are different. For the same manufacturer, the model is large. The crusher has stronger processing capacity and consumes more production costs, so the price of the Stamp Mill is higher; the price of the small Stamp Mill is lower; the customer must choose the Stamp Mill according to the actual situation. Production requirements, site, capital and other factors to determine the appropriate Stamp Mill model, in order to achieve greater benefits.

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