Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Hydraulic Tensioning System

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Hydraulic Tensioning System

Hydraulic tensioning system is a very important equipment system of vertical Ore Milling Equipment, which plays a key role in the stable operation of vertical Ore Milling Equipment. It is also a relatively easy part of failure. The great grinding pressure exerted on the material by grinding roller is provided by the hydraulic system.

Cylinder Caused By Hydraulic Cylinder Or Oil Spill For The Following Reasons:

  • First, the presence of impurities in the hydraulic oil, leading to cylinder damage and seal damage and oil spills;
  • Second, due to the top blanking, fine particles of material sandwiched between the hydraulic cylinder and the piston rod, piston rod surface chrome layer due to wear longitudinal pull marks, oil seal damage, resulting in oil spills;
  • Third, due to the rupture of the accumulator check valve handle, bolts and washers into the hydraulic cylinder, resulting in longitudinal pull marks, piston ring was injured, resulting in hydraulic cylinder block or external leakage;
  • Fourth, the hydraulic cylinder seals due to the long-term use of oil leakage;
  • Fifth, the grinding pressure setting range is unreasonable, set the tensioning force is high, so that the hydraulic cylinder pressure continued high, so high pressure to the ring has brought a higher pressure, when the Ore Milling Equipment is not running Stable, the Ore Milling Equipment vibration, will make the tension appeared large fluctuations, instantaneous pressure greater impact on the ring, the ring is also easily damaged.

In Order To Ensure The Normal Operation Of The Hydraulic System, We Must Do The Following In Production:

  • First, the hydraulic system requires a high degree of cleanliness of hydraulic oil. In order to keep the hydraulic oil clean, in the cylinder inspection, pipeline cleaning, replacement of nitrogen and hydraulic pressure ferry when the surrounding environment must be clean, to prevent small particles into the hydraulic oil, causing the cylinder scratches, nitrogen balloon damaged;
  • Second, in order to prevent the fine particle material from entering the cylinder body, a soft connecting sheath can be externally made to be protected;
  • Third, the use of hydraulic oil should be regularly tested every six months and check the oil quality and found that the oil emulsion should be timely replacement of hydraulic oil;
  • Fourth, according to the material properties to set a reasonable grinding pressure, the actual operating pressure in normal production conditions should be set at 70% to 90% of the maximum voltage limit.

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