Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Motor Power

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Motor Power

This article gives you a brief introduction to the power of the vertical Ore Milling Equipment motor.

Main engine: vertical Ore Milling Equipment main engine rotation part, it is the power of grinding roller grinding ring to achieve grinding process. The power of vertical Ore Milling Equipment main engine is about 90KW, and the main engine grinding Ore Milling Equipment production line is necessary.

  • Analysis machine motor: the analysis machine is also important as the main engine. The former realizes grinding and crushing, and the latter sifting and separating powder. The motor kinetic energy intensity does not need the size of the host machine, so long as it satisfies the transmission of the analysis blade, the power size is 18.5KW.
  • Hoist motor: hoist link bin and vertical Ore Milling Equipment home is the main conveying equipment, the power is also about 3KW, and the hoist is dispensable, so the motor is not a necessary equipment for Ore Milling Equipmenting process.
  • Blower motor: blower soft connected with the host port from the air inlet volute, blowing wind, and then into the grinding chamber, then take the grinding material to analysis machine sieving, and then feeding and screening process after the screening of qualified materials through the pipeline to complete the material bin, and the energy loss, the corresponding motor power high 4R Ore Milling Equipment fan power is about 110KW.

The Ore Milling Equipment in grinding line appeared to be due to the larger particles of raw materials, need to be broken early, so if the fineness can be directly suitable for grinding conditions with no vertical Ore Milling Equipment, with the motor is also not essential, usually equipped with a small power 15KW vertical Ore Milling Equipment.

Electromagnetic vibration feeder motor: electromagnetic feeder is not necessary but it is recommended that Ore Milling Equipment machine, equipped with, because the feeding effect of the Ore Milling Equipment operation, product quality, production and many other issues, artificial feeding is difficult to control, whether small or large ore Ore Milling Equipment vertical grinding machine is equipped with the automatic feeding device, electromagnetic vibration feeder the machine power is about 150KW.

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