Vertical Roller Ore Milling Equipment Spare Part

Vertical Roller Ore Milling Equipment Spare Part

1. The Tilted Roller

The grinding roller of the Vertical Roller Ore Milling Equipment is designed to tilt when it is designed. There are two main functions: first, increase the contact area and improve the grinding efficiency; two, prevent the bulk material from falling off the edge and clogging the air inlet. In addition, with the increase of the grinding time, the grinding roll is gradually worn, and the roller can be used to extend the service life and save the cost.

2, Conical Pulverized Machine &Amp; Cage Pulverized Machine

The selection of conical separator or cage separator is based on the fineness of the product needed. The former is mainly used for coarse powder selection, and the latter is mainly used for fining powder. Why can the cage powder machine choose fine powder? This is related to its structure and principle. The blade of the cage classifier is installed on the baffle plate at a certain angle in the vertical direction. When working, the motor rotates through the vertical shaft and baffle plate, and the impeller’s motion direction is opposite to the blade inclination direction, which increases the difficulty of powder selection and further improves the accuracy of powder selection.

3. Hot Air Stove

Hot blast stove is a relative “special” existence of Vertical Roller Ore Milling Equipment. It has 3 main functions: 1) explosion protection, which can reduce oxygen content in air in the mill system; 2) dry material (no need to configure extra dryer); 3) pressurize. So the Vertical Roller Ore Milling Equipment can handle the material with certain humidity.

4, Sealed Type Quantitative Feeder

There are many types of feeder. Why do Vertical Roller Ore Milling Equipment choose seal type? This is because the feeder can reduce air (oxygen) into the mill to a certain extent and avoid the danger of excessive oxygen.

5, Explosion-Proof Valve

Why is the flameproof valve a plastic piece? This is related to its effect. The explosion-proof valve is located in the top of the powder selection machine. When the pressure in the mill is too large, the plastic sheet will burst automatically and then prevent the explosion of the flammable and explosive material. With the broken jaw toggle plate effect is similar to that of a “sace, everyone safe” spirit.

6, Limiting Device

The limiter is a device for adjusting the distance between the grinding roller and the millstone. It makes the two contacts untouched, avoiding the vibration caused by the uneven distribution of cloth during the work, resulting in the damage to the contact between the grinding roller and the grinding disc.

The 6 part is an important part of vertical milling machine, grinding roller and grinding disc is the main device, and the powder selecting system, hydraulic system, transmission system, lubrication system, the device effectively guarantee the grinding process, the whole production efficiency also played a key role.

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