Why The Host Of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Has Been Shaking

Why The Host Of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Has Been Shaking

Why The Host Of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment Has Been Shaking ?

In production, Raymond Ore Milling Equipment will inevitably encounter all kinds of problems. Some time ago, we were asked by our users to consult with Raymond Ore Milling Equipment. This is one of the common faults of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment. It is also a problem that many users are annoyed about. Today, there are 15 reasons for shaking up for you. There is always a solution to your urgent need.

  • 1. The ground bolt of the grinding machine is loose. This phenomenon is more common, mainly because the vibration in the machine grinding process leads to the loosening of the bolt, which leads to the intensification of the vibration. Check the machine in time and fasten the bolt.
  • 2, the foundation is not good. Raymond Ore Milling Equipment’s working principle is circular motion. It will vibrate in the normal working process. If the installation personnel did not lay a foundation when they lay the foundation, the Raymond Ore Milling Equipment will vibrate greatly and the noise will also be great. The solution is to reinforce the foundation.
  • 3. Installation problems. When the Raymond Ore Milling Equipment is installed, the central line of the main drive part is not straight, and the vibration will occur during the rotation. In this case, the central line should be adjusted in time.
  • 4, the feed particle size is too small or too big. If the feed size is too small, the grinding roller and grinding ring is easy to direct contact, caused by noise and vibration, should be appropriate to reduce Ore Milling Equipment feed back. If the feed grain is too large, the amount of feed back should be increased to fill the gap between the large particles and realize the crushing of the material layer.
  • 5. The feed is not uniform or the feed is less. If the feeding time is too little or the feed is few, and the feed volume of the Ore Milling Equipment is not enough, the grinding Ore Milling Equipment will directly contact the grinding ring, causing the noise and vibration. The feed quantity can be controlled by adjusting the vibration feeder, so as to avoid the empty load operation as much as possible.
  • 6, the material pressure is not enough, the feeding is not continuous. The grinding machine not only requires a certain amount of grain size, but also requires continuous feeding, and maintains a certain pressure. In order to ensure this, a steady flow device can be installed on the Ore Milling Equipment.
  • 7. The material is excellent. The flour Ore Milling Equipment, especially the ultrafine grinder, has a strict limitation on the hardness of the material. If it exceeds its working range, it will cause the decrease of output, the severe vibration of the main engine and the rough phenomenon of the stone powder. So the hardness of the material must be controlled well.
  • 8, material clogging in the volute. Some materials are too wet, easy to stick together in the air door, resulting in bad air and vibration. Always clear the inside of the material.
  • 9. The deformation of the grinding roller. Long time wear leads to the change of the shape of the roller, and the roller is not slippery. It vibrates sharply during the rolling process. The roller should be replaced in time.
  • 10. The analysis of the imbalance of the blade. Check whether the blade of the analysis is complete. Some manufacturers install the blades in order to save cost and save the cost, resulting in the vibration of the later production failed.
  • 11, the internal parts of the equipment are loose. The biggest parts in Raymond Ore Milling Equipment are the plum blossom frame and the grinding roller, and these two parts are all connected by bolt. When the device is running, it will generate strong internal airflow. If the two components loose, it will be accompanied by the air flow become very unstable, and it will cause vibration and noise slowly.
  • 12. The grinding room of the mainframe of Raymond Ore Milling Equipment is mixed with metal objects. Since the host center shaft speed is very fast, very hard metal objects, is after the shovel knife grinding room everywhere in the host will cause the host collision vibration, need to clean metal objects. It should be noted that metal objects may be brought from raw materials, or the parts inside Raymond Ore Milling Equipment fall off, such as screws or bearing balls.
  • 13. The main shaft of the mainframe and reducer shafts. The direct power of the main reducer and the reducer is transmitted through the coupling. When the machine is rotated, the main engine and reducer will vibrate and sound due to the different axes of the two couplings. Therefore, the coaxality of the coupling must be calibrated before starting.
  • 14. There is no gap between the mainframe and the reducer coupling. When installing, there is no clearance between the main shaft and the reducer coupling, which will cause the vibration of the Raymond Ore Milling Equipment to vibrate. The solution is to reset the center shaft and re adjust the coupling clearance.
  • 15. Quality problems. If the quality of the rayon Ore Milling Equipment bearing is poor and the gap is large, it will cause the swing of the plum blossom frame, and then cause the vibration of the equipment.

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