MTW215 European Version Ore Milling Equipment

MTW215 European Version Ore Milling Equipment

MTW215 European Version Ore Milling Equipment

MTW215 European Version Ore Milling Equipment has become the best equipment for large-scale production of non-metallic ore making industry. It is not only the largest trapezoid mill in the world, but also the largest type of roller mill in China. MTW215 European Version Ore Milling Equipment is the fourth generation upgrade product of the traditional Raymond mill. It is also the latest national patent product developed by the state combined with 30 years of production experience and hundreds of data collection. The equipment adopts a number of latest patent technologies, such as the whole drive of bevel gear, arc air duct and so on. It has six advantages that other equipment can’t compare.

1, The Largest

The inner diameter of the grinding ring is 2150mm, which breaks through the theory that the roller mill can not be large. It is the largest roller mill in the field.

2, The Most Efficient

  • The curved blade design, material can be oriented facade, the grinding roller grinding ring, can lower grinding, while increasing the effective working area, improve the yield.
  • The maximum processing capacity of the single machine is up to 50t/h, and it is the most productive tilting mill at home. The capacity of the same power is about 20% higher than that of the traditional Raymond mill.

3, The Lowest Consumption

  • The blade adopts the split design, just needs change the shovel blade;
  • The cutting edge uses high wear resistant alloy material, long service life, no resistance inlet volute and the same resistance arrangement scheme, reducing the energy consumption of the system.

4, The Longest Life

  • The grinding roller ring of wear resistant alloy is developed with the scientific research organization, which is 1.7-2.5 times of the life of the traditional high manganese steel and increases the service life of the damaged parts effectively.
  • The selection of the thickening and wear-resistant coating of the European version of the mill elbow improves the wear resistance of the elbow and prolongs the use time of the pipe.

5, The Most Intelligent

  • Increasing the oil temperature detection of the oil lubrication system such as the main engine and the fan, monitoring the bearing temperature in real time, prolonging the life of the bearing and reducing the failure rate of the equipment.
  • To increase the position detection system of the silo, it is easy to automate the control and reduce the cost of artificial input.
  • The intelligent control module is added to record the parameters of the production line automatically, so as to realize the unmanned operation of remote open and shutdown.

6. The Most Environmentally Friendly

  • In order to meet the requirements of the country’s environmental protection, the special dust collector is configured, the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.9%, and the dust free operation is basically realized.
  • The new transmission structure, with the optimization design of roller, ring, blade, smooth transmission, homogeneous material layer vibration, effectively reduce the noise, the noise is about 25-30 dB lower than the ball mill.

At present, the global mining demand for metal and non-metallic minerals is increasing. Petrochemical, thermal power, nuclear power and other industries have entered a rapid development track. Large-scale and intensive milling equipment has become the trend of development in the future.

The development of MTW215 European Version Ore Milling Equipment has filled the market gap of the domestic large scale flour mill machinery, and has stepped to a new stage in both capacity and environmental protection. It is the most ideal grinding equipment in the world at present.

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